Getting motivated to start an exercise program can be challenging, but getting motivated week over week to keep up with your program is even harder! I created this list to help you get and stay motivated for exercise long term!

New Workout Gear!
Get yourself new workout gear and put it on! Once you are dressed for exercise, it is a lot easier to start doing your exercise! It is also difficult to change out of your workout gear if you haven’t done anything.

Exercise Journal
Get a note book and designate it to your exercise program. Write down how you feel after every workout.

Sticky Notes
Get bright coloured sticky notes and write messages to yourself that will help you stay on track. Post them throughout your house.

Set Short Term Goals
Set small daily and weekly goals. It is much easier to accomplish your long term goal if you are meeting smaller short term goals along the way.

Reward Yourself
If you meet your goal for the week, reward yourself! Perhaps you have a favourite restaurant or there is something you saw at the mall that you want. Turn it into motivation to meet your exercise goals!

Find Someone To Cheer You On
Have somebody in your life join your exercise journey with you. Tell them about your program, what your short and long term goals are, how you feel along the way, and include them in the reward!

Go Public
Share your journey online and let your followers hold you accountable.

Make Changes To Your Diet
It is no secret that you will see the most results if you are also eating healthy. Making healthy changes in all aspects of your life will help you stay motivated for exercise daily. Checkout our Click Eat App and to learn how our Registered Dietician can help you.

Make It a Habit
Get in the habit of exercising and eating at the same time everyday.

Set-Up Space
Find a space in your home where you will complete your exercise routine.

Ease Into It
The best way to be successful and stay motivated for exercise long term is to ease into it. If all you can do is 10 minutes to start, then that is a great place to start. You can gradually increase your exercise time or increase the frequency at which you exercise to meet a certain daily goals. (Example: 3 sessions of 10 minutes = 30 minutes daily) It does not all need to be done at once!

Make a List of Activities You Enjoy
Exercise does not need to take place in a fitness centre. Make a list of activities you enjoy doing at home – walking, dancing, swimming, cycling, etc. Anything that raises your heart rate counts!

Track Your Progress
Prepare to track your exercise through a journal or mobile app. Choose something that is easy for you to update ongoing.

Get A Coach
Work with a coach to help you set and achieve your goals. Find a coach that will prepare you for success whether they are present or not. Guidance on how to do your exercise program everyday (with or without a coach being present) will help you stay motivated for exercise consistently.

Drink lots of water to stay hydrated! Staying hydrated will help you stay energized for exercise.

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