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Your Brain on Exercise

Coaching You To Better Health

ExcerciseMD is a team of healthcare professionals who are committed to helping you reach a healthy mental and physical state through exercise. We integrate your medical profile and current physical condition into a daily fitness program that will maximize your potential for success.

Our Prescriptive Programs

Weight Loss Program

ExerciseMD’s Prescriptive Weight loss Program will help you get the daily activity required to kick-start your metabolism and achieve your weight loss goals.

Brain Health

The ExerciseMD Brain Health Program will prescribe you a customized exercise plan to help with general brain improvement and the treatment of concussion, anxiety and depression, ADHD, Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Type 2 Diabetes Program

The ExerciseMD’s Prescriptive Type 2 Diabetes Program helps recipients increase sensitivity to insulin and keep blood glucose levels in the correct range to prevent advancement and long-term complications of the disease.

Cancer Treatment Programs

ExerciseMD’s Prescriptive Cancer Program will help you control your weight and strengthen your immune system to improve your quality of life during cancer treatment.

How ExerciseMD Helped
Ann Fight Cancer

Ann was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013. She learned that exercise would be beneficial to her recovery. With her immune system being low and the multiple treatments she was undergoing, she was confident it would be easier to stay close to home to do her exercise.

Dr. Svec set me up a program that met my needs, health, and illness. I met with him several times through the year. He suggested I change my routine to 10 minutes/3x a day which meant I could still get my 30 minutes in, but it was something I could handle. There is no pressure to do anything more than you are able to do and the gentle encouragement and email reminders really work! With treatments, there were days that were easier than others, but my coach helped me through the days when I was feeling low and needed more help. I still got my 30 minutes in somehow!

At the start, I struggled getting in 10 minutes and now 30 minutes is so much easier. I realized how car I had come at the end of the year! Some days it would have been easier to lay lot and do nothing, but ExerciseMD kept me going through my challenges. Exercising at home was the perfect way to get it done. I am on the road to good health again, thank you ExerciseMD!

Why Choose ExerciseMD?

  • Experience – Our team has over 45 years of combined experience in prevention & treatment of disease.
  • Prescriptive – designed just for you as any prescription would be, but this is exercise.
  • Customization-Your exercise program is tailored specifically for you.
  • Adaptability-Program is adapted to your current physical condition & adjusted based on how your body reacts.
  • Flexibility- Exercise at home or at the gym at a time that fits your schedule.
  • Proven Success-Our program is used for prescribing exercise in clinics across North America because it works.

How It Works

Customized Program

The new patient intake process gives your coach the information.
They need to put together a custom program for you.

Daily Emails

Daily exercise instruction is sent directly to your email inbox.
Once you complete it, you let your coach know.

Online Chat

The online chat is available for you to ask question or chat with your coach in your ExerciseMD portal.

Human Coach

We use technology such as email and online chat to communicate, but every touch point is monitored by a human (your coach).

At ExerciseMD we understand the value of physical activity in children to promote a healthy development.  As part of our giving back initiative, for Exercise MD memberships purchased, we donate an exercise bike to a classroom in need, on behalf of you, our customers.


Get a custom prescribed exercise program that will help you with your journey to better health.

Click Eat

Accelerate your journey to better health with a prescribed nutrition plan from Click Eat.


Get a custom prescribed exercise program that will help you with your journey to better health.

Click Eat

Accelerate your journey to better health with a prescribed nutrition plan from Click Eat.

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