You will start receiving your daily workouts from your Coach three days after signing up. Your Coach will contact you via email or within the ExerciseMD message system to answer any questions you may have or to get more information on questions from the information you provided. Twice a month you will connect with your coach to get support, updates and tweak your exercise prescription as you progress.

Dr. Henry J. Svec (the Founder of ExerciseMD) trains all coaches in the techniques he has developed. Coaches must have as a minimum an undergraduate degree from a recognized University preferably in Psychology or Kinesiology.

The assessment includes your answering a number of questions on your current state of health and also the collection of your resting heart rate. From this information and your response to follow-up questions as needed, your starting Exercise Prescription is prepared and delivered to you. With your feedback monitoring by the coach, the Exercise Prescription is adjusted over time very much as a medication would be, to insure you are receiving the maximal benefit.

If you grant permission your doctor or nursing staff will be able to monitor your progress using our software. This allows your health care team to always be in touch with your performance and programs.

The Exercise Prescription that you will receive is the level of intensity (how hard you need to work) and the length of time you need to do that work followed by the length of time for the entire workout. The Exercise Prescription delivered to you via email each workout day is based on the condition you are fighting or want to prevent, your level of fitness and other information you provided when you answered our intake questions. This is combined with what Dr. Svec has learned from other clients using ExerciseMD with a similar condition as your own as well as the latest Scientific Research.

It is not necessary for you to have a Heart Rate monitor to do your daily Exercise Prescriptions. Often use of devices such as the Iheart or a wrist heart rate monitor can give you and your coach valuable feedback. The final decision is left to you.

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