What is Click Eat?

Click Eat is a mobile app that has been created by the ExerciseMD team to help you get the nutrition coaching you need to reach optimal health. Food intake is a vital component of any exercise program, so we recommend a prescribed nutrition program through Click Eat if you are participating in any type of exercise or physical activity.

How It Works


Take a picture of everything you eat and drink on a regular day.


Submit your pictures & descriptions to Click Eat’s Registered Dietitian.


Click Eat’s Registered Dietitian analyzes your food & drink intake form


After 6 months, Click Eat’s Dietitian will evaluate your progress.

The Nutrition Analysis

The Nutrition Analysis is an examination of diet adequacy, serving sizes, meal balance, and specific nutirents for your age, stature, and activity level.
The analysis also includes a suggestion and recommendation section based on your one-day food record and the impact of food on your presenting diagnosis or current health state.

Why Click Eat Works

Click Eat’s Dietitian monitors your food choices every 6 months. Knowing that your Dietitian will be reviewing your meals will motivate you to change your eating habits and lose weight safely.

Benefits of Click Eat


What you eat fuels your body! For your body to function properly, you need to eat a healthy and well-balanced diet. Good nutrients that come from food are needed for disease prevention, growth, and overall good health.


What you eat fuels your brain! Most vitamins and minerals found in your food have specific functions in your brain. Good nutrition helps your brain work at its optimum, allowing you to be productive day to day.

Fighting Disease

Good nutrition is a key part of preventing or fighting disease! Click Eat’s Dietitian are skilled in applying their food suggestions to help prevent or fight a disease or illness you may be facing.

Meet Your Nutrition
Coach, Ashley Roy

Ashley received her degree in Applied Human Nutrition at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, Nova Scotia and completed her Dietetic Internship through the Nova Scotia Health Authority. Ashley is passionate about educating others on the potential food has for healing, guiding clients throughout their health transformation process, and helping clients see their potential to make positive life changes.

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