How ExerciseMD Helped
Ann Fight Breast Cancer

Ann was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013. She learned that exercise would be beneficial to her recovery. With her immune system being low and the multiple treatments she was undergoing, she was confident it would be easier to stay close to home to do her exercise.

Ann's Story:

“A Kinesiologist setup a program that met my needs, health, and illness. I met with him several times through the year. He suggested I change my routine to 10 minutes/3x a day which meant I could still get my 30 minutes in, but it was something I could handle. There is no pressure to do anything more than you are able to do and the gentle encouragement and email reminders really work! With treatments, there were days that were easier than others, but my coach helped me through the days when I was feeling low and needed more help. I still got my 30 minutes in somehow!

At the start, I struggled getting in 10 minutes and now 30 minutes is so much easier. I realized how car I had come at the end of the year! Some days it would have been easier to lay lot and do nothing, but ExerciseMD kept me going through my challenges. Exercising at home was the perfect way to get it done. I am on the road to good health again, thank you ExerciseMD!

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