A Prescriptive Exercise
Program For Your Patients

Finally, a program to keep your patients engaged
in daily physical activity.

The Program

ExerciseMD is a program that integrates your patient’s medical profile and current physical condition into a daily exercise program. You recommend exercise and we prescribe a program that will keep your client engaged and physically active.

Prevention & Treatment Programs


The ExerciseMD Weight Loss Program prescribes your patient a custom exercise program to give your patient the activity they need to increase daily energy expenditure to lose weight, reduce risk for disease, and improve their lifestyle.

Brain Health

The ExerciseMD Brain Health Program prescribes your patient a customized exercise plan to help with general brain improvement and the treatment of concussion, anxiety and depression, ADHD, Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Type 2 Diabetes

The ExerciseMD Type 2 Diabetes Program prescribes your patient the exercise program they need to help prevent the development and advancement of Type 2 Diabetes.


The ExerciseMD Cancer Program prescribes your patient the exercise they need to help with the prevention and treatment of breast cancer and other common cancers.

Client Benefits




Improved Brain

Quality of Life


How It Works

Prescribed Program

The new patient intake process gives the XMD coach the information they need to put together a custom mobility program for each patient.

Daily Emails

Daily instruction is sent directly to the patient’s (and/or caregiver’s) email inbox.

Online Chat

The online chat is available for caregivers and patients to ask questions or reach out to chat with their coach.

Human Coach

Although we use technology to communicate, every touch point is monitored by a human.

  • Support

  • Confidence

  • Motivation

Why Choose ExerciseMD


Our team has over 45 years of combined experience in prevention & treatment of disease.


We prescribe exercise programs to help with the prevention and treatment of disease.


Every program is tailored specifically to the client.


Program is adapted to the client’s current physical condition & adjusted based on how their body reacts.


Programs can be completed anywhere at anytime throughout the day.

Proven Success

Our program is used for prescribing exercise in clinics across North America because it works.

Start Your Patients On a Journey To Better Health

Henry Svec